Strategic Plan

Dear Members,

Please find a link to download a copy of the Association’s Strategic Plan at the bottom of this page.

I would value any comments or opinions that you have in relation to it. Please email them directly to me at

And a quick update:

  • The new committee has achieved incorporation of the association in NSW. This will allow for the flow on of financial control and accountability of the association allowing transparency for all members.
  • The development of a strategic plan gives the association a focus to head toward and some certainty to all members.
  • The new website is up and running and will allow for streamlined membership and merchandise transactions as well as providing an information portal to keep members up to date on what’s going on around the traps.
  • The committee is discussing the value proposition that membership gives you. Some ideas so far are subsidisation of attendance at reunions such as reduced meal prices or bar prices and discounted merchandise prices. We don’t intend to disallow any ex-member of the battalion from participating in anything but we want to reward you for being a financial member of the association. I’d be happy to take any other suggestions you might have.

The committee and myself are always keen to hear of any input you might have so please contact any of us with your suggestions, queries or complaints.


Steve Brumby

Download Strategic Plan

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