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Bn History Project


The 5/7 RAR Association Committee will commission, sponsor, and publish a formal written history of the Battalion by 3 December 2023, the 50th Birthday of the raising of The Tigers at Tobruk Lines, Holsworthy, NSW. 

The Association’s aim and priority is that this history be objective, authoritative, and truly representative of the unique story and journey of our Battalion. In the end, we—those who served together in it—are joint custodians of its memory of long and loyal national contribution. This History will therefore be our, and its, lasting record and legacy.


In undertaking this task, work will be scholarly, that is, based where possible, on primary research and analysis. It will also draw on:


  • Secondary sources
  • Interviews and oral history
  • Images, maps, and other relevant material that may emerge.

By providing both substance and flavor, each of these things will contribute to a lasting record and understanding of what it was like to ‘soldier’ in, and with, the Battalion.

To some degree, this document may also constitute a formal written record of the Australian Army’s challenging, but also inspiring, path to organic mechanization. It may therefore be of interest and even practical value to the current and future Army and wider ADF.

The Association Committee recognizes that our history requires a variety of reflections and stories from across all ranks, trades and corps to be comprehensive. On that basis, we are keen to have people come forward and consider penning their views (hard or softcopy) on a range of key activities they believe will help tell the history of our unique battalion.

In due course, the results of our own collective writing efforts, will be given to, and used by, authors in our Writing and Editorial Teams to collate and draft the 5/7 RAR History.

If you would like to participate in this Project in this, or any other way, please feel free to email the Project Manager,
Simon Gould (simongabout@live.com.au.)

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