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5/7 RAR

We, the members of the Association have, by virtue of our willingness to support the perpetuation of Battalion’s legacy,

inherited a responsibility to ensure our Battalion’s efforts throughout its powerful 33 years’ service to our great country are honoured and commemorated in such a way that befits the blood, sweat and tears that each and every member of the Battalion sacrificed during its existence.

The association is for everyone who served in or supported the Battalion, no matter what era, job or corps, so that we have an association to call our own, to catch up with our mates and to look out for each other…

Matthew Shea – Association President

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Over 400 members and growing. 5/7 RAR Lives on!

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5/7th Battalion (Mechaized), The Royal Australian Regiment.

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“War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.”

– Sebastian Junger