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About Us 5/7 RAR Association

The National Association was formed in 2003; it currently has over 400 members and growing steadily.

There is a progressive committee that is looking continuously to enhance the experience and rewards of being a member of the association.

Please contact us at 57rarassociation@gmail.com if you have any suggestions.

Association Structure

Role Member
President Matthew Shea
Vice President Ross Langford
Secretary Greg Bond
Treasurer Greg Knowes
QLD Representative John Smith
NSW Representative Richard Douglas
VIC Representative Ron Linden
TAS Representative Ric Rees
SA Representative Chris Shannon
NT Representative Kane Pene
WA Representative Stephan Webb

Objectives of the Associations:

  • Perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by past members of the Fifth/Seventh Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment;
  • Guard the good name and preserve the interests of the Battalion;
  • Preserve the memory of those who died on service with the Battalion;
  • Provide referrals to relevant welfare agencies to Association members who request or require it;
  • Support any successor battalion(s) to the Battalion, in whatever way is practical and appropriate for the Association;
  • Watch over the interests of members and dependants of deceased members and to help those of them requiring assistance;
  • Become a Registered Charitable Organization should it become desirable to do so consistent with and in furtherance of the objects of the Association;


Membership is open to anyone who has served with 5/7 RAR regardless of their Corps.

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