Proposal for an ‘Official History’

There has long been discussion about recording the history of the 5th/7th Battalion (Mechanised), the Royal Australian Regiment.

During the planning for the de-linking of the unit in 2006 the Battalion recognised the importance of recording the history of the unit and some efforts were made in following years to gather information but as yet no book has been prepared.

As we approach almost a decade since the de-linking parade, the Association proposes to take action to see that the 33 year history of the unit is recorded in a fitting manner.

The 5/7 RAR Association will assume responsibility for commissioning, funding, and supporting the writing of a credible, objective, and authoritative ‘official’ history of the 5th/7th Battalion, 1973-2006. The resulting manuscript will then be published as a book.

The following objectives have been established:

  • Provide a credible, objective, and authoritative official history of the 5th/7th Battalion, 1973-2006
  • The history should be based on scholarly research and analysis drawing on primary and secondary documents, oral history, and supporting images, maps and other artefacts.
  • The history should be written well, accessible to a range of readers, and of a high standard
  • The history should be commercially viable for publication and sale in a quality format.
  • A fund raising plan is being developed with a Sub Committee to be established to steer the development of the Official History.

apc1The website will be used to capture the history and the stories. The photo gallery will have the capacity for members to write notes under the image ensuring that we capture the history of the vast amount of photos that are available and as a reference for the Author.

Stay tuned for more information!