Outcomes of the 2017 AGM

Just a short post to advise the key outcomes of the AGM which was conducted in Brisbane on Saturday 9 Dec 2017. Firstly, thanks to those that were able to turn up on the day. We had around 20 members in attendance.

The following committee appointments were made on the day:

President – Steve Brumby

Secretary – Chris Shannon

Asst Secretary – James Thorpe

Treasurer – Matt Shea

Asst Treasurer – Rod Bruce-Smith

On the point of Vice President, at the meeting James Thorpe was elected but immediately after the meeting Ross Langford approached me to say that he would like to be Vice-President and I have discussed this with James. James is happy to resign his appointment to allow Ross to remain Vice- President and the committee is happy for this to occur so Ross will continue in the role.

State Reps:

NSW/ACT – James Thorpe

SA – Chris Shannon

TAS – Denis Carmichael

Qld – John Smith had resigned but I have since discussed this with him and he is happy now to continue on. I’m sure that Rod Bruce-Smith, who volunteered on the day will give him a hand.

NT – I’m hoping that Kane Pene will take on this role now that he has been posted to Darwin but I haven’t had a chance to discuss with him as yet.

Vic – Ron Linden (again to be confirmed)

WA – Vacant (Looks like Stefan Webb will at least be assisting to get the Banner there on ANZAC Day)

I’m also happy to say that our Patron Chris Appleton has agreed to continue in the role.

The key general business item that was discussed at the meeting was the issuing of a membership card or coin. Kane Pene has committed to designing a coin and once finalised numbered coins will be issued to all financial members. Prior to issuing, significant coin numbers (such as 57) will be auctioned (to members) to raise a few extra dollars for the association. Un-numbered coins will also be purchased at a later date and sold through the shop to non-members who might be interested.

Some other points:

Keep an eye on the shop – there will be a fire sale coming up shortly so we can get some new stock in. You’ll get an email to let you know when Chris puts the prices down.

We want to hear what items you think we could sell in the shop – if you have any ideas please let us know. We are likely to do a run on another lot of Battalion Flags in the new year and we will be investigating a batch of Battalion plaques as well. There will be a new polo shirt design sometime soon and we’ll investigate the production of replica Battalion T-shirts (the gold ones with the Tiger that BHQ wore) as well

Lastly I’d just like to thank you for your ongoing support of the association and let you know that I am happy to hear from any of you at anytime if you have something you’d like to discuss (either by return email of give me a call)


Steve Brumby