Lcpl D. P. O’Rourke



Lcpl Darren P. O’Rourke ( “Peck” )

Enlisted –


Died of Injury-23rd September 1993

LCpl Darren O’Rourke known as “Peck” to his friends had the reputation as an excellent NCO and friend.

His courage and determination and the knowledge that he could be counted on to grit his teeth and “tough it out” earned him the reputation as a tough and determined leader of men.

In 1993 Darren O’Rourke was a member of 7 Platoon Charlie Company when he was attached to Bravo Company for the Riffle Company Butterworth tour.

On the 23rd of September 1993 Bravo Company had been undergoing jungle warfare training at Pulada near Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. LCpl Darren O’Rourke was killed while being transported back to camp when the truck he was traveling in collided with a bus near Kota Tiggi.